Screen Time: Tip of the Week # 5- Gaming

Kaarin Anderson Ryan, PhD 5.5.23

Both adults and children are known to spend too much time gaming. Adults, if you are not into console-based games, consider other device games that can be addicting. If you start playing any game on your phone, look at the time you start and the time you put it down – you may be surprised how much time you end up spending on your word games, your Soduku, or your Candy Crush. For all gaming, it is important to set and keep limits on how much to allow yourself to do this each day. For children and teens, limit their access as well to a certain time frame and continue to model moderation with your own gaming behavior.

This sounds simple in theory but it may be difficult to actually do in real life. Don’t give up though, it will be worth it. You may notice that you have more time to be productive or to do other things you enjoy every day.

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